About Limestone Coast Charters

Your Skipper

John Howard is a third generation professional lobster fisherman who brings 80 decades of his family’s seafaring knowledge to your charter experience.

The ocean is his life and his livelihood - you can be guaranteed that all passengers are in safe, responsible hands.

The San Miguel, Limestone Coast Charters

Your Boat

The San Miguel is a professional rock lobster vessel built by Westcoaster to withstand the roughest conditions the Southern Ocean occasionally whips up during the annual rock lobster season – though we’ll be aiming for smooth sailing on your charter, with an emphasis on fun.

The 50-foot San Miguel offers plenty of sheltered standing / seating room and is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to track down different fish species – Tuna & Albacore, Shark (Mako, School Shark and Gummy), Snapper, Morwong, Flathead and more!